Friday, 21 March 2008

Snippets on Friday 03/21

Can't believe I actually made it on time this week.

Sad News

This is all that's left of the Magma Art Group sim.

For reasons unknown the owner, Omurtag Milev, has closed down this place that saw some great expositions in it's short existence. I for one will miss the place. Good luck in your future endeavours OM!

More Sad News

I always knew Katharina Malthus is a smarty. She posted a pic on Flickr dealing with her concern LL is moving the asset databases away from the central asset servers to smaller distributed databases on the sim servers. There is no doubt in my mind it will not help solve any lag problems if anything it will probably cause even more asset problems. As she states in her comment this is still not officially confirmed. Let's keep our fingers crossed...

Good News

A cute little birdy told me April's exhibit at the Avatrait gallery will be dedicated to the art of talented Shoshanna Epsilon. Definitively something to look forward to. I actually posed for her last night with my friend Kynne Llewellyn. Can't wait to see my bare butt grace the walls of the gallery ;-)

More Good News

Multi talented Nephie Eerie has shared with the world some of her musical work. You can now listen to her tunes on If you do, make sure to register and give her songs a bump she deserves it.

For those of you who don't mind a download she still has two of her mixes online. I'm listening to one of them while I'm writing this as I often do :-)

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