Saturday, 8 March 2008

Snippets on Friday 03/07

Just a few short announcements this week since I'm writing on something else.

Magma Art Group

This weekend will see the opening of a new exhibit at the Magma Art Group by a man we all know and love: Stephen Venkman.

I'm curious to see what he has prepared exclusively for this exhibit. Grand opening on Saturday 03/08/08 from 11:00am till 2pm slt time. Hope to see you there.
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Last weekend the Avatrait presented this months artist on display: Daequix Scarborough. The opening was definitively a resounding success.
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Rezzable have enlisted the services of Vint Falken who actually traveled to London last week to meet up with the folks at Rezzable HQ. It seems a new exhibit is in the making featuring the art of the most talented Melodious Source. Looking forward to it!
I'm curious to see what else they have up their sleeve :-)

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