Monday, 2 April 2007

and yet another blog was born...

Now let me use this first post to introduce myself. I'm Loki Popinjay, a Second Life resident since December 2005. I've been wandering through sims, meeting people, making friends with some of them and over time I have seen SL grow from a few hundred concurrent users to what it is now. I have to admit it sometimes is a puzzling place where people can look and behave very different from first life. It's those differences that make it so intriguing. Why do people behave in ways they would not even contemplate in real life, why would people like to run around looking like a fox or with cat ears and a cat tail? Even those who, at first glance, seem perfectly normal often display unexplicable behaviour from time to time. So many aspects of this wondrous world still haven't gotten a satisfying answer. Not for me anyway.

It's these questions I want to write about and hopefully I'll get some answers out of it.