Saturday, 1 March 2008

Snippets on Friday 03/01

I thought about making this "Snippets on Saturday" since I'm late again, but then I'd probably have to make it "Snippets on Sunday" next week. Deadlines are just not my thing I guess.

I have been to a few events this week and had a lot of fun doing so.

Bloggers Party

The SL Bloggers parties are rapidly becoming notorious. Last Sunday a crowd gathered at The Cove where GoSpeed Racer hosted this months get-together. It was good to see that apart from the usual suspects a number of new faces (to me anyway) showed up.

The nice thing about these parties is the fact you can actually have a half decent conversation with the people around you. Whimsical banter flying around and clever wisecracks are no exception. If you like to yell "WOOT" or howlzzzz your lungs out these parties are probably not your cup of tea.

Links to a few other accounts of the event and pictures:

Dinosaurs extinct

Last Thursday the Rezzable sim Legends was spectacularly closed when a Greenie spaceship and a large meteor hit the sim trashing the dino skeletons that were there. Rezzable put up quite the show for a whole bunch of avatars who gathered to see the event.

It's nice to see that Rezzable doesn't sit on its laurels but has the courage to change things. The skeletons were very nice but now it's on to new and even better. I'm curious to see what they will come up with.


I can't remember what led me to do so, but last week I checked what last names are available for new avatars these days. I tried a few first and last name combos I thought were funny and sure enough most of them were taken. A lot of those names seem to be taken very soon after they become available. Checking the names in world reveals a lot of completely blank profiles. If you're not going to use the name why register it? Are people name squatting maybe or picking up the good ones for possible alts? It's a pity we will probably never bump in to the likes of Not Telling, Too Short, Onmymind Georgia, Tape Gaffer, Mumbo Gumbo, Fujitsu Siemens, Her Hotshot or Nota Troglodite.

I also noticed some names turning up as unavailable but who don't seem to exist in game. Two examples are Laurence Llewellyn (as in Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen, BBC presenter) and Bob Morane (comic book character). I wonder if LL "reserves" some names. Maybe they just want to avoid copyright hassles.

A few of the ones that were still available and I thought were funny are: Vraiment Dufaux (French for Really Fake) and Quitethe Hotshot. Overall it seems like the good ones are taken though.

Seems Vint has just posted something about names as well. Must be true great minds think alike :-)

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