Monday, 1 September 2008

Take action Linden Labs

After all the commotion of this weekend regarding my exhibit at the Cannery I have taken down the exhibit as a whole. I was not prepared to alter the picture and just taking the one down wasn't an option, the zodiac as we know it has 12 signs not 11.

A lot has been said and discussed and I would sincerely like to thank those who offered their support or contributed to the ongoing debate.

I think however it's time to draw a few conclusions. What all this has shown me is that Linden Labs have no clear rules on what is tolerated and what not. Add to that the fact they are both judge and jury and we all have a problem on our hands. I am still convinced my picture is NOT "broadly offensive" yet a Linden (Harry) in all his wisdom decided after a complaint it was. This is not acceptable! Either there are clear and well defined rules and it's just a matter of applying the rules or they deliberately keep the rules vague but in that case there as to be a DEMOCRATIC way to decide whether or not a violation of TOS has been committed.

The way LL operates now is, in my view, a recipe for disaster because it allows individual people to settle personal differences or even just enforce personal views by means of launching a complaint with Linden Labs. This type of situation has throughout history led to gross cases of abuse and a lot of suffering. Being banned from SL is not exactly the same as being sent to Siberia or find yourself forced into a re-education program but just the same something should change: either we get clear rules or a REAL form of appeal in case of a complaint.

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