Monday, 31 December 2007

Dreaming of a journey

At the start of the new year we make our resolutions for the coming one. Sometimes we have to let our fantasy soar freely. Doing just that I've been thinking about how it would be to take a few months off work and go off on a journey to visit a bunch of the friends I've made in my time on SL. Wouldn't it be lovely to be able to travel from city to city all over the globe and spend some time in RL with all those wonderful people I've met online? Off the top of my head I can think of people in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France, Portugal, UK, US, Canada, Brazil, Singapore and Australia I would love to meet. Imagine what an adventure it would be. Of course I would keep some sort of journal of my whereabouts and share my impressions. I'm sure it would be an interesting read.

Pondering on this I started wondering about a few things though. I've met a few Belgian SL citizens in RL and it was wonderful to get to know them on a different level. But what if some people would not be comfortable with the idea of giving up the relative anonymity. Maybe for some the step from SL to RL would be too big. Who would want to meet up with this odd bird from Belgium let alone accept him into their home or spend time with him? Who would want to show me their town and a little fragment of their life? Would people turn out to be what I imagined them to be? How would things be different once I got back?

The more I think about it the more I would actually love to do it. I think it could be a very interesting experiment. Unfortunately unless I start playing the lottery and win the big bucks it's not going to happen. Apart from that it would of course not be easy to just pack up here and leave my RL behind for a prolonged periode of time. It never hurts to fantasise though.

Happy New Year to you all. May 2008 be a year full of inspiration, love & friendship.

Tuesday, 25 December 2007

The Naughty Eleven: SLex Invitations

Once again I got tagged by my dear friend Vint. Eleven questions (I noticed the list has been growing, seems Veyron added number ten and Vint added number eleven) this time about who I would want to have SLex with for various reasons. No a very Christmasy subject but a bit of fantasising never hurt anyone, not even on Christmas day.

I have to admit it was more difficullt then I thought at first to come up with names because inevitably you sort of wonder how people will react to being nominated as a potential SLex partner. If you're on the list, don't worry, in most cases I wouldn't have even thought about you in that way if it wasn't for this list ;-)

Name the avatar that you would most like to have second life sex with for…

1. … their avatar: This one is easy. Luna Zolnir has one of the most beautiful avs I have ever laid eyes upon.

2. … their mind: that's a tough one. I actually have two nominees I can't choose between. Silverdrake Sparrow is a long time friend and definitively fits the bill but even though I have still to meet Cinderella Kesey in world I have been very charmed by her writings.

3. … their poetic/mystical/creative spirit: Nephie Eerie without a shadow of a doubt.

4. … their social success/success in SL: I'm not too sure how to interpret this one but I'll go with fashionista extraordinaire and jewelry designer Caliah Lyon.

5. … their libido: Tricky one because you don't want to nominate someone because you consider them oversexed. I'll pick my dear friend Jaxi Morrison because she is someone to whome SLex comes natural as in "it is just a fact of life".

6. … wanting them to go against type for you. That is, if they are normally a top, you would want them to be your bottom, if they are straight and you are same sl gender: From her pictures I take it Gabrielle Sinatra has a bit of a submissive streak but she can be my mistress anytime.

7. … and you would go against type for this: I'm no neko lover but Vint wouldn't have to ask twice.

8. … and you would most want to do a nothing-but-sex week with, who you are not currently having sl sex with: See questioon 9

9. … and you want a threesome, which two. They don't have to be from the above list, but can be: Ryker Beck & Keiko Morigi and can I please combine this one with question 8 ??

10. … "The forbidden," the one that, you'd like to publicly confess to, but the consequences would be toooooo awful. Examples would be your best friend's partner, a professional contact, someone you know rl who is here… Someone who you want, but have never been able to confess it too. Don't post… Just answer with whether they are online right at the moment that you post your answer: not online

11. … nostalgia reasons: Shiloh Minogue

Now who to tag? I'll go for Ryker, Cinderella, Jaxi, Luna & Joonie

Merry Christmas all!

Sunday, 23 December 2007

Second Rez-Day

December 23rd was my second Rez-Day. Yup, Loki is two years old now and my god how different SL is from that first day I walked onto the grid in my playdoh skin and white T-shirt. When I arrived I was all alone there. These days new avs rez left,
right and center. I remember feeling very helpless, moving around was difficult, moving objects even more so. Thankfully I'm not easily discouraged. On my first night in SL Sophia Willberg taught me how to use poseballs to dance and together we danced the night away. I was hooked.

Later on I met this really nice lady whose name I have sadly forgotten who gave me a load of boxes with invaluable inventory. I spent hours sifting through furniture, clothing, gestures, animations, sextoys and all those others amazing things I now owned. Since I needed a place where I could rez all the stuff and some privacy to do so I set up camp at a sim called Hedonistic Retreat where I found a small empty hut to use as my home.

From my base camp I started roaming the sims. One of my first regular hangouts was a place called Sexcapades. Sounds a lot more corny than it really was. First and foremost it was a place where people gathered and where I met a lot of nice and interesting peole. The place later moved and changed it's name to Heaven Above the Clouds which, as far as I know, still exists.

One of the people I met there was Shiloh Minogue. She became my first real friend in SL and later on we extended that to RL. Together with her I discovered poseballs were not just for dancing. Since she couldn't stand the playdoh skin I was still wearing she bought me my first "real" skin; a very expensive one from Dragonfly. Even though I don't see her in SL all that often these days I will get to meet her IRL in the near future. I'm looking forward to it.

It was also around this time I discovered making snapshots of people and giving them a copy is a great way to start a conversation. Unfortunately uploading snaps costs $L so I had to find a way to make some Lindens since I had set myself the goal not to just buy them. I noticed a bunch of people walked around with really badly made tattoos and I was convinced I could do better. Guess I was right. Doing only custom jobs, saving myself the hassle of needing a shop and all that, I was able to bring in enough to get around. I even got ambitious and started making a skin. I had no clue where to start and tutorials were few but with the help of GLIntercept I got myself a few samples of how it was done. Lazy as I am I still wear the one skin I ever made (yes, I know that it's cheating but I only used it for "educational use").

The Hedonistic Retreat closed down and I lost the place I called my home for the first few months. Not that I really needed it, by now I was hanging around wherever the SL winds blew me and my friends list grew steadily. Through one of them, Unrulie Childs, I met Lily Fizz who offered me to take up residence on a small plot of land next to her humongous castle at Bloody Falls. I accepted and though I was seldom home I had myself a nice cottage for a while and all for free. Thanks again Lily !

It was only when I found and made myself a profile that my friends list started booming. I met so many people there I stil call friends today. I would love to list them all here but I would inevitably forget someone and I just don't want to do that. I'm sure you all know who you are! The "Thank you Yo and Jaxi" party, the activities for "Relay for Life", the inevitable drama, they all forged bonds. Even though some have left SLP by now for various reasons, for me they will always be linked to those days.
Some of them I found again when, being a bit unhappy with the maximum size I could post my pictures on SLP, I started an account on Flickr. It meant a second wave of new friends; creative people who pushed me to explore the boundaries of my own creativity and technique by the stunning work they produce, getting me in touch with the vivid SL photography community in world.

This trip down memory lane is of course but the tip of the iceberg. So many good laughs, disappointments, true heart warming moments, deep conversations, silly drama and exciting adventures remain unmentioned but I just can't list them all. On this occasion I would love to thank all of you out there who mean or have meant something to me. You guys have made SL in the past two years a good place to be. After all, it's the people who make SL what it is, always has been like that and it's not likely to change.

A day and a half later...

While I was sorting out some pictures to go with the above text I got an IM to mail from Mecca asking me if I could log on since she needed a profile pic of me. Struck me as odd since only last week she made a series of 80 pics of me. Upon logging on and tp'ing to her place I was greeted by a whole bunch of friends. Turned out Mylena had secretly been organising a party for my rez-day and what a party it turned out to be... I will not go into detail but the first incriminating pics have already surfaced and I'm sure more will follow.

All I can say is I had a blast. It felt so good to be surrounded by those I love and genuinly feel part of something bigger.

An incredible "thank you" to Mylena for organising it, thank you Andrew for the sporks, thank you everone for being there and an extra special thank you Semi and Nephie for your wonderful music. You guys have no idea what it meant to me.


Thanks to Bella & Adhemar for the footage! Great job :-)

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

A Different Light

The Cannery opens its doors again on Wednesday, December 5th at 4pm SLT for "A Different Light". Curators are once again Shoshana Epsilon and Vint Falken. Featured artists this time around are: Andromega Volare, Isolde Flamand, Kimberly Mirabeau, Marianne McCann & Mylena Aquitaine. I'm happy to say yours truly will once again have some of his work up on the walls of the Cannery too. The new exhibit kicks off with a party starting at noon SLT on the 5th. I'm looking forward to seeing you all there.

A lot has been said and written about the the Rezzable Cannery Art Gallery. I had three pictures up at the first show and I have to say I never had any problems with the way Rezzable or those associated with it treated me or my work. Maybe that is because I don't take these things too seriously. Take the contract that got a whole bunch of people's knickers up in a bunch. Sure the original wording was vague and didn't really provide much protection for the artists but hey, everyone tries to get the best for themselves out of a deal and to Rezzable's credit it has to be said they did adjust it. The new version does take some of the concerns in account.

Months ago I wrote about the fact it's communities that make SL such a great place and not companies with their shiny clean sims where nothing ever happens and I expressed the hope that over time the two would intertwine. I think what Rezzable is doing is a good step in that direction. They are not there yet but the Cannery is slowly starting to be associated with a group of people, a community and that is a good evolution. A lot more could be done still and like I told RightAsRain I think Rezzable itself needs a face or some faces that can represent them. People with roots in SL who can be the center of a community and carry it. As curators to an extent Shoshana and Vint play that part but I have a feeling the distance between them and Rezzable is too big for them to really represent Rezzable. It's not their job either, on the contrary, being curators they should have some independence in order for them to maintain their artistic integrity.

Rezzable is not a charity and so in return for the given opportunities Rezzable expects something back. I think that is absolutely normal. Give and take is what makes the world go round. For some this seems to be pure blasphemy. I don't see why. If you want to be a patron of the arts, go ahead and spend your money on a sim and give the artists free reign to set up as an SL museum. Galleries on the other hand both in SL and RL are not museums, they sell art for the profit of the artist and the gallery. Why would it be any different in SL? What IS a problem in SL is the fact digital content is easily copied thus making it more difficult to manage. A RL painting is a single piece and it's easy to determin who owns it. For an SL picture it's a lot more difficult. If I mail a high rez version of my finished picture to Shoshana she now has a perfect copy of the work she can do with as she pleases outside the mod/copy/trans scheme inside SL. Does that mean I'll make her life difficult by insisting I will not give her a texture unless inside SL and only with limited rights? Of course not. I trust her with my work. Just like I would have to trust a RL gallery owner if I let him exhibit my work.

Hope to see you all at "A Different Light" and thank you Shoshana and Vint for including me once again. It's truly appreciated.

Oh ... and I so hope Nephie will play the opening party!

Monday, 3 December 2007

Damn, I'm IT ...

Seems a few people were bored last night ;-) Both Ryker and Joonie tagged me and invited me to participate in this "8 random facts about yourself" thing. Lazy as I am (random fact number 1) I copy 'n pasted the rules from Joonie's blog:

Here are the rules:

1) Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
2) People who are tagged need to write a post on their own blog (about their eight things) and post these rules.
3) At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
4) Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

One thing the rules don't clarify is whether these fact are supposed to be about me, Loki, or about the puppeteer who pulls my strings. So I decided to follow the same route Vint took on her blog post.

Now for the tidbits of info on me:

1. As already stated: I'm a lazy bugger. I could probably make decent Linden$ if I would make the effort to make, market and put some tattoos and/or skins up for sale but I have to admit that apart from a little shop with old stuff I could never be bothered

2. I did make my own skin. The face is based on a picture of Keanu Reeves. Don't tell him if you know him. He might not like what he sees. I'm still thinking about making a female skin. I once got started on a freckled one but I'm still waiting for someone to send me her pictures to make it just like hers.

3. I never owned land on the grid in the nearly two years I'm around in SL. At one point I had a cottage in the shadow of a great castle. Lily, a very nice lady allowed me to live there for free.

4. I love making snaps in world. So much that when I'm with a group of people I'm usually not really good company since I'm so busy making pictures I completely lose the thread of conversation. Sorry folks! Mind you ... WindLight may have fixed that for me though.

Four things about the puppeteer:

1. He lives with one two-legged and four four-legged companions. The four-legged crew is made up of the cat twins Castor and Pollux. The latter is very unhappy at the moment because he's confined to a large dog crate after being hit by a car. One of his hind legs is pretty badly damaged, especially the knee, but he had surgery and is recovering. He may limp forever though.

Castor on top.

The other two are the Irish wolfhounds Faelan (1) and Dwynfal (3,5).

2. He drives a bright yellow Lancia Delta just like this one:

3. He has never paid for a single piece of software on his PC.

4. He's just as lazy as I am.

Tagging eight others at this point seems a bit difficult since everyone I know has already been tagged, if not multiple times. It has to end somewhere I guess... and hell, I told you I'm lazy ;-)