Saturday, 26 May 2007

Not-a-meme #17: State Thy Groups

Ok, I'll humor you Vint. Here it goes...


This used to be the place to go if you really needed a good laugh. Playdoh noobs discovering sex balls is a hilarious thing to observe.

Cuppycake Gumdrop

Friends of probably the craziest woman I ever came across in SL.

Design's by AZULL

I like the lady, not sure about the designs ;-)

Fool's Paradise

Loki Fool's live music place is a very nice place to hang out. She always has talented people on her stage and she manages Nad Gough, one of the funniest performers in SL.

Hummingbird Cafe

Dimi and Leira's stage at Menorca. THE place to be for good music.

Ignorance is Bliss

Sinister Undertone's friends group. He's the better half of a dear friend of mine. Not sure why I'm in this group though. Could have something to do with access to their place.


Should nix this one since the group no longer exists. We made this group when preparing a surprise party for the admins of PSST stood for "Party Secret Slprofilers Team" :-)

Public Sex Commission

The Heavens Above the Clouds group. It used to be a fun place to go. Despite the name it had little to do with sex. Sure the poseballs were there but it was more of a meeting place then anything else. Haven't been there in a good long while. Wonder is it still exists.

Ready or Not Vip's

I'm not a club person but since a few of my friends worked there at one point I ended up with this one.

Rhythm Collective

Another live music place. Think we've got a theme going on here?

Second Life Bloggers

... what can I say ...

Shiloh's retreat

She is my oldest and dearest friend in SL. I'll retreat with Shiloh to Shiloh's retreat anytime :-)

SL Belgium

Oh well, why not be a little patriotic.

SL Belgium V.I.P.-Club

See above

Slutty By Nature

Someone once convinced me I had a golden future as a male escort and made me part of her group. Never had a single customer. Not that I ever made an effort ;-)


More music...

The Bloody Resort

For a while I actually had a roof over my head. Lilly Fizz was kind enough to offer me a small cottage in the shadow of her huge castle. I lived there for a month or two free of charge. The place was converted to a mall. All that's left now is the impressive castle.

The Hollows

Really can't remember where this one came from.

The Stage

Even more music.

I guess you could say I'm not big on groups. I absolutely dislike group IM spam. Most of my groups are there for reason of access to places or announcements of music events.

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