Thursday, 14 June 2007

Making a difference

Last Sunday I was auctioned off at a date auction. It was organised to collect linden dollars for Relay For Life by Friends Fighting Cancer, a group associated with the slprofiles website. This same group has organized several other activities in the past raising money for cancer research. So far they collected a whopping 722,000 L$ (about 2500 US$).

Now I'm not a big fan of this kind of incidental fundraising. I prefer to make donations to selected organisations on a regular basis. It gives me more certainty the money will be used for what I want it to be used. However, this group has managed to sell their cause with so much enthusiasm I couldn't say no and I don't regret it for a moment.

In a way it is incredible and heartwarming to see this aspect of SL. The contrast with the often painted picture of a meta verse full of perverts of every possible persuasion couldn't be greater. Here is a group of people who spent considerable time and effort to raise money for a worthy cause while others like me spend their time writing silly blogs about nonexistent SLelections and all they entail.

I'm actually not all that happy with my previous post and thinking about the whole RFL auction added to the uneasy feeling. Even though I tried to make a few valid points about democracy I guess most of it was nothing but more SLelections bs. Guess I was trying a bit too hard to contribute to something I should have ignored. Maybe it's time to change my tune and do something a bit more valuable as I originally intended to do? What I mean to say is; it's too easy to be just a bystander, commenting on what is going on and not put your money where your mouth is.

So I would like to call upon all the blogging would-be-Governors and whoever else for that matter to come up with ideas and suggestions to help the people of Friends Fighting Cancer carry their total to that magical number of 1.000.000 L$. Let's do something that actually makes a difference for a change. Surely it can't be that difficult?!

In world donations are always welcome of course! (all info can be found here)


Phoenix Ellsberg said...

It's a shame, in some ways, that you have decided to opt out of all the elections stuff. Like I said before, I thought your ideas about democracy made a lot of sense. But maybe thats just it - most of the others who have taken up this 'cause' are playing it for laughs or trying to play on people's fears. Whatever the reason, I respect your decision to put this aside.

I shall be following the link to see how I can help with fundraising. It always amazes me when I read just how much money some people manage to raise for good causes from within the grid. We need more of this kind of thinking - community projects which remind us that we are all in this together and that we should help each other whenever possible.

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vint said...

This message is to say you were indexed by Vint's 'shall use IM to report to this person on things for good cause in RL stuff I do so I can just play running for governor in SL' radar. ;)