Saturday, 6 June 2009

Art by Ariel

This Sunday at 2pm SLT a new art-gallery is opening inworld: Benzaiten Gallery. I had the privilege to see the place earlier this week when I stopped by there to put up one of my own pics. I have to say Fingers Scintilla and Ariel Brearly did a great job putting together a wonderful collection of SLArt by people like Stephen Venkman, Kimberly Mirabeau, Nephie Eerie, Joy Fellini, Senna Conoret and many others. It goes without saying Fingers and Ariel put up some of their own work too. The place they made has a nice cyberpunk feel to it that reminded me a little of the Cannery Gallery. So if you have no plans for Sunday join us for the opening of this beautiful new gallery. It will undoubtedly be a big hit.

Another worth-to-see is Ariel "busy bee" Brearly's temporary exhibit at the RavenLynxx gallery. As an artist Ariel has really made a name for herself with her very personal style. It is at the same time emotional, whimsical and full of symbolism. At times it refers at the great surrealists like Dali or Delveaux In my opinion Ariel is one of the few SL artists to escape the SL stigma. Even though her work is generated in SL it escapes the SLArt label and is just plain and simple digital Art. Amidst the pictures of pretty avatars and SL landscapes on Flickr her work really stands out. The favs and comments on her stream make it clear it touches a nerve with many.

Some of her best work is now presented at the RavenLynx gallery and it is a pleasure to see all these magnificent works together. The exhibit opened last weekend and will run till the end of July. Don't let this chance pass you by and go see this fantastic exhibit.

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