Sunday, 22 June 2008

Avatar Zodiac

It's that time of year again when we celebrate SL's birthday. This year I decided to participate in SL5B, the resident run event that accompanies SL's birthday. As always I got to work on it way too late but I'm happy to say that after a week of slaving I pulled it off. Seeing this years event is all about diversity and the different cultures in SL I went for a series of portraits.

Avatars in SL are people's way to express themselves and a means to indicate what community they belong to if any. They are incredibly diverse. It's a joy to see how inventive people are in creating their own 'persona' in SL. I hope I managed to capture that diversity.

SL5B opens on Monday 06/23 and will run for two weeks.

That said I think it's a pity there was a fair bit of controversy about this years edition. The whole thing is PG and a number of rules were issued about what is and is not appropriate to be shown. I really regret that and me participating in the event is by no means an endorsement of that policy. I sure hope that those who were refused at SL5B will find another way to share their art with the rest of the community.

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Shoshana Epsilon said...

I am the Art Director of SL5B. I do not approve of some of rules that were imposed. However, I will continue to make my objections known from the INSIDE of the event.

In order to have more Resident control, several of us are organizing to have a "fringe festival" next year. A non-LindenLab sponsored event. To sign up for information, find a Birthday Bash signup kiosk. There is one at:

Izzy said...

Your admission to SLB5 sounds really interesting, Loki, and I want to try and check it out. It is sad that LL put so much of a cap on an event celebrating "diversity", isn't it?

Loki Popinjay said...

It sure is Izzy !! So much for diversity ...