Sunday, 23 December 2007

Second Rez-Day

December 23rd was my second Rez-Day. Yup, Loki is two years old now and my god how different SL is from that first day I walked onto the grid in my playdoh skin and white T-shirt. When I arrived I was all alone there. These days new avs rez left,
right and center. I remember feeling very helpless, moving around was difficult, moving objects even more so. Thankfully I'm not easily discouraged. On my first night in SL Sophia Willberg taught me how to use poseballs to dance and together we danced the night away. I was hooked.

Later on I met this really nice lady whose name I have sadly forgotten who gave me a load of boxes with invaluable inventory. I spent hours sifting through furniture, clothing, gestures, animations, sextoys and all those others amazing things I now owned. Since I needed a place where I could rez all the stuff and some privacy to do so I set up camp at a sim called Hedonistic Retreat where I found a small empty hut to use as my home.

From my base camp I started roaming the sims. One of my first regular hangouts was a place called Sexcapades. Sounds a lot more corny than it really was. First and foremost it was a place where people gathered and where I met a lot of nice and interesting peole. The place later moved and changed it's name to Heaven Above the Clouds which, as far as I know, still exists.

One of the people I met there was Shiloh Minogue. She became my first real friend in SL and later on we extended that to RL. Together with her I discovered poseballs were not just for dancing. Since she couldn't stand the playdoh skin I was still wearing she bought me my first "real" skin; a very expensive one from Dragonfly. Even though I don't see her in SL all that often these days I will get to meet her IRL in the near future. I'm looking forward to it.

It was also around this time I discovered making snapshots of people and giving them a copy is a great way to start a conversation. Unfortunately uploading snaps costs $L so I had to find a way to make some Lindens since I had set myself the goal not to just buy them. I noticed a bunch of people walked around with really badly made tattoos and I was convinced I could do better. Guess I was right. Doing only custom jobs, saving myself the hassle of needing a shop and all that, I was able to bring in enough to get around. I even got ambitious and started making a skin. I had no clue where to start and tutorials were few but with the help of GLIntercept I got myself a few samples of how it was done. Lazy as I am I still wear the one skin I ever made (yes, I know that it's cheating but I only used it for "educational use").

The Hedonistic Retreat closed down and I lost the place I called my home for the first few months. Not that I really needed it, by now I was hanging around wherever the SL winds blew me and my friends list grew steadily. Through one of them, Unrulie Childs, I met Lily Fizz who offered me to take up residence on a small plot of land next to her humongous castle at Bloody Falls. I accepted and though I was seldom home I had myself a nice cottage for a while and all for free. Thanks again Lily !

It was only when I found and made myself a profile that my friends list started booming. I met so many people there I stil call friends today. I would love to list them all here but I would inevitably forget someone and I just don't want to do that. I'm sure you all know who you are! The "Thank you Yo and Jaxi" party, the activities for "Relay for Life", the inevitable drama, they all forged bonds. Even though some have left SLP by now for various reasons, for me they will always be linked to those days.
Some of them I found again when, being a bit unhappy with the maximum size I could post my pictures on SLP, I started an account on Flickr. It meant a second wave of new friends; creative people who pushed me to explore the boundaries of my own creativity and technique by the stunning work they produce, getting me in touch with the vivid SL photography community in world.

This trip down memory lane is of course but the tip of the iceberg. So many good laughs, disappointments, true heart warming moments, deep conversations, silly drama and exciting adventures remain unmentioned but I just can't list them all. On this occasion I would love to thank all of you out there who mean or have meant something to me. You guys have made SL in the past two years a good place to be. After all, it's the people who make SL what it is, always has been like that and it's not likely to change.

A day and a half later...

While I was sorting out some pictures to go with the above text I got an IM to mail from Mecca asking me if I could log on since she needed a profile pic of me. Struck me as odd since only last week she made a series of 80 pics of me. Upon logging on and tp'ing to her place I was greeted by a whole bunch of friends. Turned out Mylena had secretly been organising a party for my rez-day and what a party it turned out to be... I will not go into detail but the first incriminating pics have already surfaced and I'm sure more will follow.

All I can say is I had a blast. It felt so good to be surrounded by those I love and genuinly feel part of something bigger.

An incredible "thank you" to Mylena for organising it, thank you Andrew for the sporks, thank you everone for being there and an extra special thank you Semi and Nephie for your wonderful music. You guys have no idea what it meant to me.


Thanks to Bella & Adhemar for the footage! Great job :-)


Mylena said...

I couldn't very well let that momentous day go by without a celebration, now could I!!!

It was a pleasure organising it, a pleasure attending it, and a pleasure sporking it too LOL


You're welcome, Loki.... I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Phoenix Ellsberg said...

Happy belated rez-day Loki!!! And may i just say, you don't look your age ;-)

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