Saturday, 4 August 2007

SL vs. RL Promiscuity Index

After reading Vint's blog on the SLex / RLex ratio a while ago in which she tries to catch the differences between people's Sl sex life and RL one in a formula, I was left with the feeling some things in her math didn't add up. Math is not my thing either, but being a bit bored today I started thinking about it. Since it doesn't always have to be serious stuff, this is what I came up with:

A sort of "Promiscuity Index" so to speak...

(RLA -216) / RLP
-------------------- = PI
(SLA x 5) / SLP

RLA = your RL age in months
RLP = the number of RL sex partners since your 18th Bday
SLA = your SL age in months
SLP = the number of SL sex partners since rezz-day
PI = Promiscuity Index (I wonder is someone is going to turn up with 3.14 *grins*)

Now let me explain why I think this is a more accurate way of calculating or if you want more indicative of the differences between yourSL sex life and your RL one. First of all there is the fact that her calculation doesn't take in account we are more or less active during certain periods of our lives be it in RL or SL. At some stages in both our RL and SL we tend to experiment more. So I thought I should divide the time we are sexually active by the number of partners over that time in both lives. To compensate for the fact you can be active inSL from day one and not so in RL I decided (rather arbitrarily I'll admit) to deduct 216 from the RLA thus starting the count at 18 years of age.

Another thing that had me thinking is the fact that there is a difference in pace between SL and RL. Face it, what is the average life span of a relationship in SL? So based on my experience I set the value at 5. Meaning the pace of life in SL is imho about 5 times faster than in RL. I agree it's debatable and any good arguments to change this value are more then welcome.

What do we get out of this? I think it makes for a nice comparison of your promiscuity in SL as opposed to RL. Let's look at an of course completely fictional example:

A male 42 years old has had 15 sex partners since he was 18. In SL he has had 5 since he rezzed 19 months ago.

That makes:

(506 - 216) /15
------------------- = 1,02
(19 x 5) / 5

The conclusion in this case would be that his promiscuity in SL and RL are fairly the same.

index > 1 = RL promiscuity < SL promiscuity
index < 1 = SL promiscuity < RL promiscuity

This says nothing about the frequency of SLex or RLex. I guess if you would like to hazard a guess at how often you've done it in RL since you turned 18 and the number of times you engaged in SLex in SL you could replace RLP and SLP by those values but I'm not going to venture there :-)

On a side note, this equation also solves the problem Vint had with her calculation that could lead to an illegal "divide by 0".

I'm as always curious to hear your thoughts and reactions!
And your Indexes of course ;-)

PS In case you were wondering, no, it's not me in the top picture ...


Mylena said...

MMMMMmmmm.... I am so NOT going to try to quantify the frequency so, using the original formula

PI = 1.07

So..... fairly evenly promiscuous or fairly evenly prudish???

I'm not telling... *EG*

Vint Falken said...

Héhé. Two questions though.

Why start at age 18 for the 'humans'?
Any chance you saw Pi lately? ;)

Veronique Kaminski said...

2.7... wtf? am/was I misbehaving in SL, or to prudish in RL...?? :-)

Loki said...

@veronique It's never to late to up your RLP ;-)

Tenchi Morigi said...

I guess I found a gap in your musings *G* According to your calculation I have to be the SL slut of the block and the RL female pope *G*

(348-216) / 1
-------------- = 11,31
(7*5) / 3

Yet I think the formula has 2 weak points:

1. Like several of the readers (at least I guess so) I started out earlier then 18.

2. The kink factor. Even though I committed myself very early in my life I do things that would drive the red into the faces of some people (SL and RL). Shouldn´t we take that into consideration?

Ok back to the books professor Loki. Still lots of work to do *G*

Loki said...

Well Tenchi I think you are right. 16 would be a more appropriate RL starting age. As for the kink factor; in a way the PI represents the kink factor :-)

Tenchi Morigi said...

but only in a very remote way. comparing someone who became sexually active with 16 to someone who has a foot worthshipping fetish for example doesn´t go in the right direction i think since it is to pairs of boots ;)

Anonymous said...

8.8 lol!

and the calculation suits me fine, having been a late bloomer.