Monday, 16 July 2007

My date with an Australian fire fighter and more.

Got your attention didn't I ?! No, I'm not coming out of the closet. This particular fire fighter is actually a very nice and bright young lady. Ember is the girl I bid for and won at the auction for Relay for Life I wrote about earlier. Because we both have busy schedules and are in opposite timezones it wasn't until last night we finally went on our date. I put on my tux and took her dancing and although that may sound a bit boring I had a great time. I guess it's the company that counts and they don't come any sweeter then Ember. I hope we can do it again sometime.

Upon logging off way too late for a Sunday night I found a rather strange mail in my inbox.

Dear Loki

I am really sorry to send you this unannounced. I am looking for some kind SL enthusiast to do me a big favour and your terrific blog suggested that you might be be that person ... it also, of course, gave me an email address.

I am also an SL enthusiast - not as experienced as you, though. It is a boring story (to do with my Internet connection being by proxy) but my system now automatically blocks access to SL. I am missing the fun of exploring SL but mostly I am missing chatting to my two best friends in SL and they will be wondering where I have got to. Please would you be kind enough next time you're in SL to send by IM two messages for me? I would be so pleased and grateful if you would.

I'll write them out below so that you can simply copy and paste.

I'll understand if you do not feel that you can do this for me - but either way I'd appreciate a very quick reply so that I know where I stand.

Thanks Loki and apologies for bothering you. Have fun in SL !!

(messages and names removed since that's no ones business)

Being the good soul I am and not entirely immune to the flattery (hey, he called my blog terrific... ) I logged back on and found both ladies online, sent them their messages and mailed my mystery mailer their replies. In a way it felt really good doing that. If for some reason or another I would be cut off from friends in SL I think I would try to find ways to get in touch too.

Which brings me to a topic I talked about with a friend a while ago. She and I met online over two years ago and became "e-pen pals" (for lack of a more apt word). At one point she stopped responding and since all I had was her e-mail address there was no way of finding out why. For all I knew she could have been in a car accident or ill or mad at me for some reason. It goes without saying I was worried to say the least. Thankfully, after not hearing from her for several months she resurfaced and explained why she had been silent for so long. I told her I had been worried something might have happend to her. Talking about it we both agreed to make sure that if anything happened to either of us we would make sure the other was notified. It's a small thing to take care of but it could make such a difference if something bad really happened.


Fianna Idora said...

I had a good friend from SL & SLP suddenly go *poof* a few months ago. I was sad when she left and truly missed her.

Then 2 weeks ago, a friend of hers (who I had met once) sent me an IM to relay a goodbye message from her. He had been on leave from SL for a while as well, so it took a bit for our paths to cross.

It was a relief to know that everything was alright, and wonderful to know she had thought of me after she made the decision to leave SL.

Kimo P. said...

Great dance picture Loki. Reminds me of that riddle...How many ppl. does is take to get Loki to go on a date....

Oh, and now that you mention it....I need a parcel delivered to Paris via Brussels. Do you charge extra for that?

Kimo P.

tiana meriman said...

thats really cute and it was really nice of you to go out of your way and play the messenger for them ^^

Veronique Kaminski said...

but.. why didnt they just relay their IM's to e-mail??

I am sometimes away from SL for long periods, and maintain some contacts via that way..

or did they subscribe to SL with a fake or non-existing e-mail adress?

Loki said...

@Kimo: How many? Just one, the right one ;-)

@Veronique: actually the guy who contacted me was fairly new and didn't know about the mail option. On top of that, if the people in world don't contact you when you are locked out you have no way of knowing where to send your mails so they will show up in their IM.

I have had peole ask others in world to IM me when I couldn't be online so I would have the temporary email address I could then reply to :-) These addresses are only good for 5 days if I remember correctely though.