Friday, 15 February 2008

Snippets on Friday 02/15

I'm going to try to post a bundle of short messages, announcements, trivia, whatever might be of interest on a weekly basis. It doesn't always have to be the more serious stuff right?!

Shamless plug
When I showed someone a few of my pictures on Flickr I didn't think it would lead to this: Remains to be seen now if SL skin can compete with RL skin :-)

Mecca exposed at Magma

My dear friend Mecca Merosi is showing her art at the Magma Art Group sim. If you ask me it is well worth a visit. Her work is luscious yet tasteful, beautiful and somewhat provocative. The opening of the exhibit last weekend was a hoot I can tell you that much.
Go there straight from here

Kim at Avatrait
Kimberly Mirabeau, well know in the SL Arts community for her exquisite SL pictures has put up her work at the beautiful Avatrait Gallery. It will be on display till the end of the month. Don't miss it!
Go there straight from here.

Forum thread
It seems that after I posted a pic of Bourque Rau, someone I met at a live gig at the Hummingbird Cafe, if became topic of conversation at this forum.

See, now everyone can leave their comments here ;-)

In the Mix
Check out Eidur Kappler's podcasts. If you're in for some nicely mixed Kandish Vocal House be sure to visit her here. I really liked this months mix.


vint falken said...

*yeeey* *chears for Loki getting famous* ;)

(nah, honest, this is great! see...)

Crighton Johin said...

Loki, I found your blog through Joonie's and I have to say, your photos are amazing. It makes me inspired to try my hand at many things on SL do. We'll see if it takes

Love the rest of your blog too. Very thought provoking and entertaining. And did I say great pics?